Wipak films protect bread and other bakery products’ quality, extend their shelf life, and preserve their freshness.

Wipak offers a broad range of solutions, from thermoforming, semi-rigid, and flexible films to sustainable paper composites, lidding films, wrapping films, flowpacks, and reclosable films.

Thermoforming Flexible Films

Wipak’s coextruded multilayer films are adapted specifically to each product to be packaged. A polyamide–polyolefin composite is used as the basis. Polyamide on the outside – for instance, Combitherm XX types – secures excellent slip-resistance and temperature stability while giving the films a glossy look.

With our Superclear series, stability and puncture-resistance are increased by means of an additional polypropylene layer on the outside, customized for each individual product.

Lidding Films and Flowpacks

Wipak lidding films protect the quality and freshness of bread and other bakery products that are packaged under modified atmosphere (MAP) or in vacuum. Anti-fog, EVOH barrier, frozen, or sterilized – the kind of film always depends on the case-specific requirement profile. Polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, or paper composites are used, in line with the special criteria.

Barrier Films

Wipak coextruded or laminated multilayer films ensure that protective gas cannot evaporate and that both cooled and non-cooled products are protected for a clearly longer period. Bakery products can be packaged in ideal conditions with Bialon XX, for example. It is transparent and robust (base: polyamide), and it features an EVOH barrier layer. This way, the oxygen barrier is up to ten times greater than it is with varnished films. In keeping with the product’s requirements, polypropylene, polyamide, or polyester laminates can be used also.