Paper Composites for Cheese Pieces

The new image for the butter-cheese product selection has enhanced this regional product’s presence at the point of sale.

Wipak developed sustainable paper composites with a window for the German cheese producer Herzgut. The company’s butter cheese is packaged in a high-quality printed flowpack, the cheese slices in a paper+film composite with Paper Top and reclosing function.

A Thermoformed Tray

The package designed for Norwegian cheese producer Synnøve Finden consists of a transparent thermoformed Multipet tray and a paper-based reclosable lidding film with a laser-cut window. The proportion of paper used for the lid is more than 25%. Standing upright, the package is sure to attract attention.

A Reclosable Lid

For the sliced-cheese product range marketed by Belgium-based cheese importer Dupont under the brand Oudendijk, Wipak developed a reclosable lidding film with a paper-like look that can be sealed to a semi-rigid APET bottom web. The concept emphasizes the brand via its brilliant transparent bottom and printed matte effect on the lid. Cheese pieces are offered in fully printed flowpacks.

Flow Packs with Special Effects

Matte varnish, gold effects, haptic paper – Ukrainian cheese producer Klub Syra can rely on premium effects in the relaunch of  their range of cheese products. Wipak supplies the exclusive design and top-quality printed packaging films for the entire product range (12 film types). Thanks to Wipak, the product range stands out at the point of sale and attracts customers.

Fleece BTM Tray Film for Sliced Cheese

A natural wooden look is key to the package FrieslandCampina uses for distributing its Boerenland cheese slices in the Benelux countries. For this application, Wipak B.V. utilizes a semi-rigid Fleece BTM tray film from the Multipet series. It is thermoformable and protects the cheese by means of an extremely high barrier. Wipak creates the distinctive wooden structure with flexographic printing technology.

The sliced cheese is part of a new organic product range in the cheese and dairy segment. Its packaging is designed for drawing attention to the concept of local and organic production.