Salmon fillet, redfish or shrimp, deep frozen or from the fish counter – Wipak offers a broad range of high-quality lidding films and flowpacks, as well as flexible and stable multilayer and barrier films that we can adapt to your individual needs – no matter how complex.

Thermoforming Flexible Films

Our multilayer films offer unbeatable freshness, shelf life and aroma protection. Our Combitherm films can come with or without a barrier layer, as needed. Our portfolio also includes sterilizable and temperature-resistant films for deep-frozen fish products. Combitherm for example is available in various thicknesses as lidding or bottom films or for deep-freeze vacuum bags.

Steady Thermoforming Films / Rolls

Wipak films have extremely good haptic properties. They can be machine-processed and are suitable for all forming, filling and sealing equipment. They stand out for their high gas barrier and reliable sealing layer. Our rigid bottom films made of polypropylene are ideal for stable packages with a high gas barrier. They can be deep frozen, sterilized and pasteurized, as well as being microwave-safe. They are available in thermoformable rolls in a range of widths and lengths, as well as in transparent or colored versions.

Flexible Films / Barrier Films

Barrier films are ideally suited for sealing in protective gas and keeping cooled fish products fresh for a considerably longer period. Bialon Films look great and can be pasteurized up to 90 °C / 195 °F. The transparent, robust film comprises a polyamide with an embedded EVOH barrier layer.

Lidding Films

Our lidding films protect the quality and freshness of fish packed under a modified atmosphere (MAP) or in a vacuum. Wipak films are ideally suited for C-PET trays thanks to their excellent drum effect, they are temperature-resistant and can be heated in a microwave, oven or in a bain-marie. Peelable Biaxer films with a built-in barrier layer can be used for uncoated aluminum trays.