Individualized, creative packaging solutions are the fruit of cooperation across departments and locations.

A Printed Fleece BTM Package - Pleasant Feel, Natural Look

For a new cold-cuts package with a rather traditional design, the target was to make the fiber structure visible through the tray film behind the product. At the same time, the impression of a plastic look should be avoided. The solution? Wipak developed a PET bottom web with printed Fleece – a composite solution with a pleasant feel and natural look. The target was to keep light from reflecting from the package interior, which often occurs when a printed fiber form is coated with transparent PET, and preserve the transparency.

Wipak’s repro specialists worked on suggestions for how to print the desired structure on the form. Once the design was approved by the customer, Wipak manufactured printing sleeves and plates and coated Fleece and PET materials. The lidding film was printed by Wipak UK with flexographic printing technology.

With this traditional look and high-level optic the product offers premium quality to customers.

Flowpacks Made of Paper and Plastic

Vienna sausages, Polish-style sausage, and boiled salami – German sausage producer Böklunder distributes its self‑service sausage specialties in flowpacks using a paper/plastic combination that emphasizes their original and traditional character. Wipak developed a packaging concept for the “seasonal delight” product range and produced the printed flowpacks via gravure printing and laser-cut technology.

Lidding Films with Barrier and Anti-Fog Features

Filet américain is extremely famous in the Netherlands both as a tapas dip and as a sandwich spread.  Wipak’s Dutch subsidiary, Wipak B.V. provides innovative packaging solutions for spreadable meat products. Transparency, high integrity, an excellent barrier effect, and an anti-fog coating are among the key features of the new peelable lidding film, which is part of the Biaxer range. The concept provides very secure sealing performance and less waste of this sensitive product.

Premium Quality Lidding Films to Boost Sales

Zlatiborac offers smoked ham and salami products to establish a position among premium-quality providers in the Balkan region. Accordingly, the new product presentation was designed for a premium-quality look. Thanks to the use of a duplex-printed lidding film with a window, finished with gold varnish, these products clearly stand out from the competition. Wipak was able to fully leverage its extensive expertise in design development.