Paper Composite for French Bio-Pizza

Product protection, shelf life, and easy opening – the innovative paper composite offers the same properties as flexible plastic packages.

Bio-pizza inside, nature-friendly paper–plastic composite on the outside: French pizza producer Léa Nature cares about nature and sustainability in its packaging choices too, so Wipak has responded with a special feature.

This specially processed paper in both the lid and the bottom web represents a novelty for ready-made pizza. The pizza is packaged in MAP conditions and can be handled with all common packaging machines. “We have worked closely with Léa Nature to develop this packaging concept,” explains Bernard Petit, Pack Design Manager at Wipak.

The plastic component means that the pizza can be packed in an inert atmosphere and the packaging machines can be used without any loss of productivity. And opening the package is no trouble at all.


Success Through Wipak’s Network Realizes Pizza Visions

“We wanted to carry over the bio concept of our products to the package,” emphasizes Barthélémy Lelore, Léa Nature’s product manager. “The paper composite expresses naturalness and sustainability. Our target was to be the first company offering such a solution to its customers. Wipak has been able to transfer the product philosophy to the package,” he explains.

This project brought together the expertise of the Wipak sites in France, Finland, and Germany, from design consulting to dummy-package manufacture, production, and printing. “Léa Nature serves as an excellent illustration of how customers can benefit from the package-design skills of the Wipak Group’s European developers,” concludes Petit.