Wipak offers a multitude of lidding films and thermoforming, flexible multilayer and barrier films specially suited to ready meals, frozen foods, portion packs, and soups.

Fresh Pasta and Sauces

Multilayer films based on Walofilm are designed to ensure that protective gases cannot evaporate. Cooled products stay protected considerably longer. Bialon films are suitable for packaging fresh pasta and sauces, offering an attractive look and pasteurization at up to 90 °C / 190 °F. This transparent and robust film consists of polyamide with an embedded EVOH barrier layer. It is used as a carrier film for high-quality composites. Thanks to this combination, Walofilm forms an effective oxygen barrier that is up to 10 times better than that of coated films. The type of film depends on the case-specific requirement profile.

Our lidding films protect the quality and freshness of ready meals that have been packaged under modified atmosphere (MAP) or in vacuum. They are ideally suited to C-PET trays, offer an excellent drum effect, are temperature-resistant, and withstand heating (in the microwave or oven) and even double heating.

For example, the peelable Biaxer films are suitable for uncoated aluminum trays or for EPS trays with manual sealing devices used for ready meals that are highly perishable.

If required, easy-open systems or valves can be applied to the lidding films by means of laser-cutting. Excess pressure can escape from the package via fine predetermined break points. The “valves” thus provide for both steady warming and gentle steam-cooking in the microwave.