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Food Packaging

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Food Packaging

Food Packaging
Innovative Solutions with Added Value
Wipak films are a mirror image of the market: top quality films which cut our customers’ production costs and increase their productivity.

Meat & Sausage Products

For a steadily growing number of meat and sausage products Wipak supplies flexible and semi-rigid multilayer and barrier films. These versatile packaging films safeguard the quality and freshness of food products.
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Dairy Products

Sliced cheece, processed cheese, fresh or hard cheese – to meet the many different requirements of the cheese industry, Wipak offers flexible and semi-rigid films with a high barrier performance as well as films for wrapping individual slices of processed cheese. More information


Ready Meals & Meal Components

Lidding films (top webs) play a key role in retaining the quality and freshness of ready meals. Flexible bottom films made from polypropylene are ideal for microwavable ready meals.
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