Interactive Packaging Becomes an Important Marketing Tool

Packages that help brands and products “come alive” give manufacturers and retailers new marketing opportunities, helping them address consumers in innovative ways and stand out from the competition.

Thanks to invisible codes and special apps for smartphones and tablets, conventional print images can be turned into entire 3D packaging worlds.

Videos, 3D models, voice content, graphics, and text – all of these can give consumers important information on the packaged product or about the company in a new and entertaining way, by the package. Also, competitions, special sales, or promotions can be supported by multimedia content. Interactive packages can address all senses, bringing the packaging to a new level. It becomes an emotional brand ambassador.

How to Design Interactive Packages

Any printed paper+film or film solution can be used in interactive packages, and both flexo-print and gravure printing technology are suitable. Using invisible codes provides full freedom for the print-image design, which is otherwise often affected by the need to use barcodes.

The Benefits for Manufacturers and Consumers

Wipak´s interactive solutions clearly extend the functionality of packages. Manufacturers can now add copious product information to the mix. Furthermore, entertaining components such as games or video clips can be integrated into the presentation. Multimedia content provides ideal support for sales campaigns, raffles, and promotions. The result is interactive packages that address all the senses – the package becomes an important marketing tool. This technology also opens new opportunities for traceability and anti‑counterfeiting features.

The Potential of Interactive Packaging:

  • A new way to stand out from the competition
    (via product promotion, manufacturer information, etc.)
  • Additional functionality for the package
    (traceability, anti-counterfeiting features, etc.)
  • Added value for consumers
    (entertainment, promotions, product information, etc.)

Wipak Offers a Full Range of Services

  • Materials (films, paper, and bags)
  • Package design
  • Printing solutions
  • Film printing in combination with augmented-reality solutions
  • Marketing


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