From a consumer perspective, our packages are part of the packed product, so what could be more natural than designing this image together? Jointly we can develop sustainable innovations, thereby creating true added value.

Wipak is more than a packaging manufacturer

We are the creative mind and sparring partner for our customers.

Packages as an Extension of Marketing

Specialists in package design, package technology, film development, and printing form Wipak’s Pack Design team. This team provides consulting services to Wipak customers all over Europe, supporting them from the initial idea through to the ready-to-market package.

Full Expertise, from Idea to Shelf

Do you have an idea? We’ll help to develop it further. This involves checking whether the concepts are technically feasible. To do this, we will optimize the film compositions, test different plastic and sealing layers, select the paper grades suitable for paper composites, and produce package and print samples with the actual composite material chosen for production use.