The Wipak Group implements packaging for an unmistakable look and feel, whether you desire glossy or matte spot painting, metallized or demetallized films, special effects featuring a silver or super silver backing, a premium quality matte-silver painted look, or printing on paper.

Demetallized Films

In the first step with the demetallized-film technology, the film is printed. Then the metal layer is washed out and removed at the desired spots before the film is laminated with a transparent film on the printed side, to protect the print image. A special layer provides an effective barrier against gases and aromas.


Super silver backing can be used with transparent films to create a genuine silver look. This unique effect is the result of a process developed by Wipak wherein a sparkling silver ink is applied via a special technology. The films provide transparency where required, plus a barrier to safeguard sensitive products in the usual way.

Silver Backing 

The special-grade printing ink used in the silver-backing technique increases the opacity of other printing inks and thereby ensures consistently high print quality. Because the silver flakes in the ink are extremely small and insulated, they are not detected by metal detectors during processing. The barrier provided by the film is in the sealing layer, allowing the functions and properties to be fully maintained and even improving them.


Packaging films finished with an Iriodin coating are an eye‑catching option. The striking mother-of-pearl effect is achieved with special pigments added to the ink to produce the Iriodin coating. The result is brilliant colors and high opacity. The coating is applied inline during the gravure printing process either over the entire surface or as a spot coating. Wipak offers a large number of Iriodin pigments, with the choice depending on the application and the desired effect.

Matte Effects

Films resembling paper are a new package-design option. Using a special printing process, Wipak can produce print results in which the film looks like genuine paper. The spectrum of effects that can be selected to suit the design extends from the characteristic rumpled appearance to a fiber texture, alongside striking visual effects such as matte or silky surfaces.