Regulatory affairs are key to all of our activities related to product safety. The safety of products for any application is determined mainly on the basis of three pillars: know-how, flexibility, and service.

Continuously optimizing existing products and providing solid legal support for development work are key components of our operations. These rely on core tools such as raw-material selection programs, diffusion tests, and sensory tests.

In cooperation with universities and external laboratories, our experts tirelessly inspect our products to ensure that a multitude of elements, such as propagation of germs, are in order and thereby eliminate the potential for threats to human health, in accordance with internationally recognized standards and guidelines.

Today, film and packaging concepts can no longer be considered separately – they must be seen as part of a total solution in the context of the entire value chain. All our activities for continuous optimization of film and packaging concepts are therefore closely coordinated with our customers, packaging-machine manufacturers, and/or raw‑material suppliers.

This includes the consideration of factors such as energy optimization, bringing higher productivity and efficiency, transportation/logistics benefits, and better waste prevention / recycling. Our tools for eco-friendly design are available to support our R&D specialists’ assessment of film and packaging solutions in direct comparison with other commonly used solutions.