• 13.8.2020
    Wipak Insights: Bordi in the spotlight

    The third instalment of our Insights series spotlights Wipak Bordi, one of our key manufacturing units located in Caorso, Italy.

  • 4.8.2020
    Wipak Insights: Why food packaging is so important?

    Even back in 7000 BC, our predecessors were formulating their own food packaging from pottery and glass.

  • 8.7.2020
    Wipak Insights: packaging myths debunked

    Myths have been around since storytelling became commonplace, channeling the power of the spoken word in a bid to explain a natural or social phenomenon to which we are all privy.

  • 15.5.2020
    Corona - opportunities in difficult times

    New year, new beginnings – that is what many of us thought when 2019 turned into 2020.

  • 31.3.2020
    How to clean items on the way into the home during a Pandemic?

    One of the benefits of working in a Food and Medical Packaging environment in times of COVID-19 is that you are around caring, careful professionals who have a number of hygiene best practices in their muscle memory.

  • 25.3.2020

    Wipak’s strategy was launched in May 2019 and a lot has happened since then. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our own people, our customers, our partners, our competitors, and in social media e.g.