Wipak promises to reduce its CO2 footprint to ZERO!

Wipak recognizes the need to retain plastics within the supply chain, and prevent it from entering the oceans and contaminating the food chain. We are going to offer fully carbon neutral packaging and are in a position to help our customers significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging with our innovative ProDirect® carbon neutral products even today!

The Circular Economy

To fulfil the promise of reducing CO2 footprint to zero, Wipak has implemented a circular economy approach, putting actions like: waste reduction, the efficient use of resources (e.g. energy and raw materials), increased recycling and recyclable solutions, as well as development of films using alternative sustainable raw materials and new technologies at the heart of our business. To succeed cooperation along the value chain is required as well as adopting a lifecycle approach to product development.


The N.E.X.T. big thing.

At N.E.X.T. Wipak’s Centre for Packaging Innovation and Insights, Wipak works in partnership with customers from across the globe to develop sustainable solutions for the food and health industries.