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The spotlight is on plastic packaging, with discussions about the material now part of our daily lives. Awareness among consumers has also increased significantly over the last two years. Besides material reduction, the focus is on recycling. The EU Plastics Strategy published a goal for 100% of plastic packaging to be reused, recycled or composted by 2030, and many companies from producers to brand owners pledged their support to work towards this goal.

Can plastic packaging be recycled even if it is multi-layer / multi-material? What are the sustainable packaging solutions and how can these be recycled?
There is no easy answer, but with collaboration along the value chain, improvements and changes can be made. When developing new packaging materials, early consideration must be given to the ease of how it can be recycled later on.
Wipak aims to avoid product wastage through packaging concepts tailored to each customer’s requirements, whilst also ensuring that the efficiency of the customer’s production process isn't compromised through the use of new recyclable solutions.

Take a look at our latest sustainable and recyclable solutions!

1) Recyclable mono-material solution for flow pack and lidding film based on PP

Our latest mono-material film, BIAXOP ECO 70 XX XPP, is recyclable and has excellent transparency, with an integrated barrier layer for an exceptional level of product protection. This film has a comparable CO2 footprint to BOPET/PE films, which are widely used as lidding or flow pack film, but consists of 90-95% PP.
A special sealing layer (XPP) enables for lower sealing initiation temperature, comparable to PE.

Besides the solutions with tight seal, we have BIAXOP ECO PEEL solutions in our portfolio as well. Is this compatible as a lidding film for thermoform applications? Yes, no problem at all.

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2) Recyclable PE-based mono-material solution

Comparable to our recyclable PP-based solutions, our new product family called BIAXEN is PE-based with 90-95% of PE. Flexible PE films are collected for recycling in many EU-countries already.

With our expertise in sealing layers, BIAXEN ECO 65 XX XFP offers a wide sealing window and early sealing inition temperature for 100% product protection. Besides tight seal, an easy open PEEL-solution for lidding films and flow packs is available as well.

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3) Recyclable, PE-based flexible thermoforming solution, targeting vacuum and MAP-packaging applications

Based on 90-95% PE, this flexible packaging concept is the perfect fit for vacuum packaging of sausages, and even suitable for pasteurization.
BIAXEN ECO 65 XX PEEL, an easy open lidding film, combined with, NICE ECO XX 17, is the perfect match for a mono-PE packaging solution. NICE ECO films are available in a thickness range from 150 to 500 µm and able to compete with semi-rigid films.

Suitable for mechanical recycling within the flexible PE fraction (existing in several EU countries) and a CO2 footprint reduction up to 30%


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4) Fully PE-based thermoformable solution, recyclable in many EU-countries

The latest products in our coextruded product family, NFO (Nordform), are the so-called NFO ECO products, with a thickness range from 60 to 400 µm. NFO ECO products are PA-free and have high barrier properties, a reduced CO2 footprint and are adhesive free. For example, a solution with NFO TOP ECO C 60 XX and NFO BTM ECO C 100 XX has a CO2 footprint reduction of 35% (compared to a standard NFO concept). Not to forget, our NFO TOP ECO films can be surface printed.

Depending on national collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure, these solutions can be recycled within PE-material fraction.


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5) Polyolefin based reclosable solution with flexible thermoformable bottom

To pack sliced products often, a reclose function is required for convenience and best product protection after the first opening. Our Polyolefin-based reclosable lidding, REPAK® TOP BP 70 XX, and PE-based bottom, NICE ECO XX 17, are recyclable in a PO recycling stream (so far existing in Germany). Furthermore, it uses about 24% less material and, with a CO2 footprint reduction of 32% (compared to standard PET/PE based reclosable solutions), it completes our REPAK® range of reclosable lidding films. Excellent forming and mechanical strength of the bottom film enable it, though being flexible, to compete with semi-rigid films.


6) PP-solution for fresh meat packaging – without compromising on product safety

Being one of the pioneers in peelable lidding films for PP-trays, we challenged ourselves to develop a new solution which is based on more than 95% PP and therefore regarded as mono-material. The PP-Tray is sealed with a PP-lidding (BIAXOP ECO 60 XX PP PEEL AF) with a thin, high-performance barrier and antifog properties. At the end-of-life stage, the solution can be recycled within PP-material fraction. This BIAXOP ECO lidding completes the concept as PP-trays have been readily recyclable for a long time. The solution has a by 18% CO2 - footprint reduction compared to the standard 50 µm lidding.


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7) + 8) Spouted Pouch Solutions based on PP or PE – highly efficient in material use

High barrier solution without aluminum and polyamide, which does not compromise product shelf life and product taste.



  • PP-based: BIAXOP ECO BP 110 XX WHITE XPP (7)
  • PE-based: BIAXEN ECO BN 120 XX WHITE XFP (8)


The facts:

  • 90-95% PP or PE mono-material
  • No metallic aluminum layer
  • Spout and cap from the same material as the pouch (PP or PE)
  • Recyclable solution (confirmed "made for recycling" by Interseroh)
  • 10-30 % of CO2 footprint reduced
  • Available as WIIMA® system solution (lower energy consumption, less waste in the process and high speed)


We have a range of different PE and PP based solutions in our portfolio, so get in contact with our pouch experts to find out which solution fits your need.



Whether you are interested in recyclable PE or PP based solutions, or you have other questions regarding recycling, get in contact with us and our experts will support you.

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