Recycled Material

Sustainable Solutions

The use of a certain amount of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material will, in the future, be requested by EU and national law. So far, the use of PCR material in plastic packaging for food applications is limited to certain materials, such as PET.

Implementing a circular economy approach means evaluating, developing and implementing recycled raw materials wherever possible in order to close material loops. That is why we cooperate with partners along the value chain and follow the latest developments in recycling processes.

1) A semi-rigid bottom film made of 80% recycled materials

Using the highest quality recycled PET granulate, supplied from a world-leading bottle recycling scheme in Finland, the APET/PE bottom films can comprise of 80% recycled material. Combined with an ultra-thin lidding film (BIAXER Q 35 XX AFM), the recycled content of the system solution with MP-R 350 XX PEEL bottom comprises of 65% recycled material. The solution provides a 50% CO2 footprint reduction compared to similar products.
Mechanical and optical properties are at the same level as virgin APET/PE and the material is fully approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for use as a food contact material.


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