• 1 High Barrier
  • 2 Peel
  • 3 Recyclate Content

MULTIPET (MP) films are semi-rigid thermoformable films made of amorphous polyester and polyolefin sealing layers, with a strong thickness range of 200 to 750 µm. Most widely used as a bottom film for sliced products like cheese or processed meat, MULTIPET (MP) films can be made with high barrier for best product protection, or peel functions for easy opening. What’s more, it’s possible to apply printing to increase the attractivenes at the point-of-sale.

Most often, printed MULTIPET is used as lidding for Top Forming applications. Top Forming is a mechanical reclose solution that uses a slightly shallower lid that fits perfectly into the deeper tray, both from the MULTIPET product range.

Aligned with the trend for more sustainble solutions, MP films can comprise up to 80% recycled PET.

An example of a concept with a high share of recycled PET can be found in our Sustainable Solutions category.

Typical Applications

  • Sliced cheese
  • Sliced processed meat
  • Meat and sausages
  • Fish, sliced or fillets
  • Pizza
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