• 25.1.2021
    Why did you only give yourself until 2025 to go carbon neutral?

    The first thing we said was what would it take to be carbon zero by 2025 and work backwards from there? To be the most sustainable packaging company we have to ask the more difficult question.

  • 18.1.2021
    How can a plastic packaging company be sustainable?

    There's quite a movement against all plastics without a real understanding of the nuances. There are so many cases where plastic is the most eco-friendly option and where the alternatives have a much bigger carbon impact.  

  • 13.8.2020
    Wipak Insights: Bordi in the spotlight

    The third instalment of our Insights series spotlights Wipak Bordi, one of our key manufacturing units located in Caorso, Italy.

  • 4.8.2020
    Wipak Insights: Why food packaging is so important?

    Even back in 7000 BC, our predecessors were formulating their own food packaging from pottery and glass.

  • 8.7.2020
    Wipak Insights: packaging myths debunked

    Myths have been around since storytelling became commonplace, channeling the power of the spoken word in a bid to explain a natural or social phenomenon to which we are all privy.

  • 15.5.2020
    Corona - opportunities in difficult times

    New year, new beginnings – that is what many of us thought when 2019 turned into 2020.