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  • 3 Product Protection

PAPER BTM® are versatile, customised paper composite solutions suitable for a wide range of food products. Expertly tailored to the individual needs of your product, our paper laminates combine responsible sourced paper with important barrier functionalities to protect perishable products. They offer the same functionality as similar plastic laminates and, thanks to extremely thin plastic layers, provide aroma protection, oxygen barriers and enhance storage life.

Thermoformable paper reduces the use of plastic and gives a natural feel to your packaing. Flexo printing on one or both sides further increases the attractiveness for consumers. Our most widely used solution contains 85% paper sourced from responsibly managed forests (FSC® certified).


  • Thermoforming up to 20 mm
  • Can be processed using standard packaging machines
  • Barrier layers provide ideal product protection
  • High quality printing

Plus, our latest solutions enable the peel-off separation of the inner plastic layer after use, allowing consumers to recycle and dispose of the paper and plastic separately.

PAPER BTM® films are recyclable and contain 100% virgin fibers and are thus free of mineral oils.

Typical Applications

  • Sliced processed meat
  • Sliced fish
  • Sliced cheese
  • Portion packs for jam or sauces
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