• 1 High Mechanical Strength
  • 2 Product Protection
  • 3 Coloured

As a coextruded blown film of polyamide and polyolefin sealing layer, NORDFORM films have high mechanical strength. The films have a symmetric sandwich structure and thickness ranging from 100 to 250 µm. Excellent and easy forming, even at low temperatures, and high flex crack resistance are all key characteristics of NORDFORM films. Where coloured thermoformable films are required, NORDFORM films are a great option. Thanks to their special structure, the films provide excellent colour coverage and consistency during forming.

That’s not all - the portfolio is completed with recyclable PE-based solutions with a thickness ranging from 60 to 500 µm. NFO TOP ECO and NFO BTM ECO films come adhesive-free, with strong barrier and mechanical properties. Surface printing of NFO TOP ECO film is the perfect add-on to this recyclable solution. Find out more about the NFO ECO solutions from our Sustainable Solutions category.


Vacuum and modified atmosphere (MAP) packaging for a wide variety of products, for example:

  • Sausages
  • Ham
  • Block cheese
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