Flow Pack Films

Flexibility and resource efficiency is what flow pack and wrapping films stand for. Thin and efficient in material use without compromise on product protection, films from this category come with a wide thickness range, different barrier levels, strong tight sealing properties, as well as easy open options (peelable seal or laser cutting).

Mono or multi-layer films with different material compositions are offered based on applications, and paired with our know-how in high-performance sealing films, we can fulfil any requirements.

Highly appealing print designs can be applied by roto gravure, flexo or inkjet digital printing. Haptic, matte or special sealing lacquers can also complement the final product.

Pre-made Pouches and bags, amongst other pouch formats, are trending and on the rise, showing strong volume increase in recent years.

Attractive and convenient in the kitchen or on-the-go, they are the perfect solutions for baby food, dry food or retort applications.

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Sustainable Solutions are at the core of Wipak's business, supporting our vision and company values. We take responsibility for protecting the environment in everyday life - in the actions taken throughout company and individually. In line with this, we offer sustainable packaging solutions such as ultra-thin films with reduced plastic content, recyclable solutions, and the use of renewable raw material or recycled materials.

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