Sliced Cheese

Sliced Cheese

Convenience is key in driving sales of sliced cheeses, our range of re-closable solutions lock in flavours and preserve the freshness of sliced cheeses allowing you to enjoy the last slice as much as the first.

Wipak Films Provide Enhanced Premium Look

Kabosh, one of Russia’s leading cheese producers, recently expanded its range of cheese products.

When it came to choosing the film quality, Kabosh opted Wipak’s rotogravure printing solution, selected from twelve suppliers. Wipak enhanced Kabosh’s premium look in supermarkets through its super silver and haptic matt effects. The results did not take long to make an impact: within weeks of launch, sales of Kabosh within the X5 Retail Chain (Russia’s 2nd largest chain, with 9,187 stores) were hitting all-time highs. “The premium appeal conveyed by Wipak’s packaging is capturing more eager buyers by the day,” saidthe Sales Manager at Wipak. “The word is out in Russia: Wipak makes your product stand out on the shelf, so why compromise? In addition to the superior film quality, Kabosh was highly impressed by Wipak’s expertise in breathable packaging, pack design, and our extensive portfolio.”

Slovakian Cheese Producer Uses Our Flexibility to Produce Multiple Lidding Designs

Slovakian cheese producer, Nika, selected Wipak’s ProDirect® technology to digitally print the five designs required across the range of lidded cheeses.

Nika opted for ProDirect® as it offered the speed to market and flexibility required to produce the packaging designs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Incorporating a reclose design element for customer convenience, the five designs were digitally printed across two reels of REPAK PAPER TOP PD 115 XXT HM. In addition to the cost savings that digital printing offered, Nika was able to increase customer engagement levels with ProDirect® by running competitions and featuring winning designs on the packaging. With the help of the web-based print center solution, Nika was also able to change and upload revised designs during the print process, maximizing the speed in which winning designs were brought to the market.