Whether it’s sausages, cuts of meat or sliced meat, our premium flexible packaging films protect the quality of your product, extend shelf life, and preserve freshness and aroma.

Transparent or printed, with or without shrink back, peelable or permanently sealed, with or without paper… whatever your requirements, we offer a broad range of highly efficient and innovative packaging solutions that are ideally suited to the individual needs of your product.

We place great emphasis on working collaboratively with our customers, involving you in the pack design from the outset and continuing to keep you involved throughout the different phases of production to ensure the best possible service. 

Meat Packages That Increase Your Sales

We offer a broad range of solutions, from thermoforming, semi-rigid and flexible films, through to sustainable paper composites, lidding films, wrapping films, flowpacks, reclosable films and tear tapes.

Combined with our expert knowledge, forward-thinking ideas and technology know-how, we can help you develop unique packaging solutions that stand out of the shelf, impress your customers and increase your sales. 

Meat Packaging for High Performance and Efficiency

S-Peel Films for Trays
S-Peel films manage the tricky balancing act of easy opening and secure closing. Tight and rugged seams protect the fresh meat or poultry against contamination, and guard the tray against load and impacts caused by transport or storage. The package can also be opened easily, without the need for scissors or knives.

S-Peel is noticeably thinner than similar films on the market and, thanks to excellent anti-fog properties, is ideal for presenting products in a clear and aesthetically-pleasing way. What’s more, its special structure enables sustainable and efficient use of resources and it can be processed with most standard machines.

Superclear: Safe Protection for Tough Applications
Sliced meat can be a challenge for packaging films, which is why we developed our ultra-transparent Superclear film, with increased strength and stability, and extremely high shrink back. After the packaging process, the flexible film is drawn tightly over the bacon like a second skin. This yields clear benefits for the product’s presentation, with the quality made much more visible. Furthermore, the stiff edges cannot damage the robust composite.