Wipak offers a broad range of packaging solutions, from thermoforming, semi-rigid and flexible films to sustainable paper composites, lidding films, and reclosable films.

Multilayer Films that Resist High Temperatures

We have developed a film laminate for high‑temperature applications that can be used to replace packages made from polyester (PET) and aluminum oxide (AlOx), and can be used in lidding and pouch applications. The composites are sterilizable to a temperature of 130°C / 270°F and can be heated in a microwave oven.

Lidding Films

Wipak lidding films protect the quality and freshness of ready meals packaged in a vacuum or under modified atmosphere (MAP). Our Bialon range offers a selection of films that have been adapted to seal against C-PET trays. They offer an excellent drum effect, are temperature-resistant, and can be heated in a microwave or double-boiler. Our peelable Biaxer XX AL product, in particular, is made from polyester and is suitable as a lidding web for uncoated aluminum trays.

Flexible Films and Barrier Films

Our multilayer films guarantee that protective gases cannot escape and cooled products stay protected for longer. Our Bialon XX film, for example, is ideal for packaging fresh pasta and sauces. It is transparent, pasteurizable to 100°C / 210 °F, robust (based on polyamide), and complete with an EVOH barrier layer. This means that the oxygen barrier is up to ten times better than with varnished films.

Lidding Films for PP Trays

We offer a multitude of films for preformed trays. The type and thickness are selected to suit the application. If required, a high-barrier layer and/or anti-fog feature can be incorporated into the films, offering an excellent drum effect for the tray. Some types of film are temperature-resistant and therefore can be pasteurized or sterilized.

Thermoforming Flexible Films

Thin, efficient and sustainable, NICE PP provides an efficient alternative to semi-rigid films. The thickness can be reduced by up to 35% from that of conventional films, with no decline in the excellent strength or shape properties. Our NICE PP product can be processed by all standard packaging machines, is available in thicknesses of 210–500 μm, and can be produced either with or without a gas barrier. Pasteurizable and sterilizable, NICE PP is also suitable for hot-fill applications.

Aluthen Composites

We also offer temperature-resistant film solutions for bag applications, such as stand-up pouches and flowpacks, which are based on aluminum. Thanks to newly developed sealing layers, Aluthen composites are suitable for hot-fill use and pasteurization or sterilization. The exact features depend on the film type.