To reduce our CO2 footprint we have been reducing energy consumption at our production sites. Changes include switching to LED lighting in production and administrative buildings, as well as investing in energy-efficient new technologies such as ProDirect®.

WIIMA - Stand Up Pouches 

WIIMA is a turnkey system solution for the production of spouted pouches. It encompasses the machine, films and spouts, as well as refinement/printing and service. The WIIMA package also includes the assembly, maintenance and servicing of the machines or of the entire packing line.

With efficient use of material, less waste and transport costs for empty/pre-made pouches, WIIMA is cost-effective and conserves resources. There is no need to invest in new machines and customers can trust that all components are compatible. 

Waste Material Management

We continually optimise our production technologies and processes to reduce the total quantity of production-related waste. Production waste from the Wipak Group is fully recycled by certified disposal companies. Approximately 75% of this waste is then processed for material recycling.

In 2017, around 100 waste reduction projects were initiated and implemented across the Group, covering all areas of production.