Wipak continuously invests in technologies to increase the sustainability of our solutions. 


Working in collaboration with our partners we developed ProDirect®, the first industrial digital inkjet printing system for flexible packaging solutions. Digital printing brings with it a number of sustainability benefits which include: Reduced material consumption, the use of solvent free laminates and water based inks, reduced storage costs, lower levels of energy consumption and enables the use of renewable raw materials.  



The first Industrial Inkjet Digital Printing Solution

ProDirect® is a unique digital printing concept in today’s market. By combining a fully automated pre-press and solvent-free paper composites, it allows CO2 –eq. emissions from production and packaging to be reduced. 

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By integrating Digimarc® barcodes into printed films, Wipak is able to decrease wastage throughout the supply chain, preventing costly errors such as using the wrong film or the incorrect labeling of pallets.

Within the store, Digimarc® can be used to help maintain accurate inventory levels and information relating to product expiration dates, enabling retailers to promote and relabel products to minimize food waste.

Using smart handheld devices consumers are able to interact with the brand gaining more information about the product composition, ingredients used, and nutritional information and recommended serving suggestions, etc. Information relating to the responsible disposal/recycling of the product can be added helping to ensure that recyclable materials are retained within the circular economy.

Sorting different materials into its appropriate waste stream is both time-consuming and costly if implemented at processing plants, recyclers could digitally read the information to increase their efficiencies and retain more materials within the circular economy.  


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