From Waste to Value

When developing new packaging materials early consideration must be given to the ease with which it can be recycled.

Multilayer composite films are extremely resource efficient and characterized by low material usage and high resilience. With many products requiring excellent tear and puncture resistance, as well as a high barrier to ensure the best levels of product protection, recyclable packaging solutions must offer all of these properties to ensure the product protection isn't compromised. With the publication of the new EU Plastics Strategy, the European Union describes its ambitious vision stating that “By 2030, all plastics packaging placed on the EU market is either reusable or can be recyclable in a cost-effective manner”, this goal ensures that recycling will be a major topic for the foreseeable future.

Wipak aims to avoid product wastage through packaging concepts tailored to each customer’s requirements, whilst ensuring the efficiency of the customer’s production process isn't compromised through the use of new recyclable materials.


This is where Wipak’s new recyclable films come in.

WALOFILM (BOPP or BOPP/BOPP) solutions for confectionary and BIAXOP (BOPP/PE) solutions, well known as a lidding film for bakery and processed meat, have been part of Wipak’s product portfolio for many years. They can be sorted and recycled with PP or Polyolefins fractions by state-to-the-art technology.

Polyolefin or pure PE-, PP- or PET-based solutions that don’t compromise product shelf life or safety, for a wide range of applications.


Quadro Seal Bag

Recyclable Polyolefin

The Quadro Seal bag is based on recyclable polyolefin. The composite of BOPP and PE (with integrated barrier and peel) can be sorted by state-to-the-art sorting systems and recycled with the polyolefin fraction. The base material belongs to the Wipak product family BIAXOP, which has been synonymous with recyclable composite solutions for many years.


BIAXOP ECO XPP films are ideal for tubular-bag applications. Its low sealing temperature guarantees fast processing on production lines. The transparency of the film showcases  its contents in the best possible way, if needed an additional barrier layer can be added to increase the levels of product protection offered.

  • BIAXOP ECO family with >90% PP content
  • Regarded as a mono-material
  • Recyclable solution
  • The transparency of the film highlights its contents
  • An integrated barrier layer offers best levels of product protection


NICE ECO XX – PA free theromoformable films, up to 30% less CO2-eq. emissions

NICE ECO XX is Wipak's new polyamide-free thermoforming film. The polyolefin-based bottom film has excellent puncture and tear resistance, whilst optimum product protection is ensured during pasteurization.

By removing polyamide, NICE ECO can be fed into the recycling stream and reprocessed to a high quality.

  • NICE ECO XX new polyamide-free thermoforming film
  • Recyclable in a PE/PP recycling stream for mechanical recycling, so far existing in Germany (standard NICE films PE/PA potentially recyclable in future via chemical recycling)
  • Reduction of 20-30% CO2-eq. emissions possible (depending on actual standard used)
  • Reduces/prevents the use of virgin raw material – if it is recycled
  • Pasteurization without compromise
  • Alternative for semi-rigid applications – giving consumer the feeling of less plastic used due to softer haptic