• 1 Renewable
  • 2 High Barrier
  • 3 Attractive & Appealing

Our PAPER TOP® product family exclusively sources paper from responsibly managed forests (FSC® certified qualities). As a renewable material, paper gives a natural, matte, soft appeal to packaging, but these films never compromise on product protection or shelf life. The inner plastic layer meets barrier and sealing requirements, tailored to product needs.

To view a product inside its packaging, transparent windows can be realised with our PAPER TOP® W films.

Besides the common roto gravure and flexographic printing, we offer unique digital inkjet printing from our ProDirect® printing line, using water-based inks. High resolution, premium-quality print images are achieved. Digital inkjet printing with ProDirect® is efficient and sustainable, perfect for small and medium sized applications.

Typical Applications

  • Sliced processed meat
  • Sliced cheese
  • Fish and seafood
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