Success Cases

German Meat processing company Mar-ko wanted to increase the eco-friendliness of its packaging for salami sticks which were originally packaged using metalized packs. Mar-Ko worked with Wipak at our innovation center to develop a new concept in high barrier packaging. By substituting the metalized plastic package for a paper laminate and using ProDirect Digital Inkjet technology a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas potential and a one third decrease in energy consumption during the manufacturing process were achieved. Wanting to go further, Mar-Ko offset the remaining 50% of the carbon emissions attributable to the original plastic packaging by participating in a certified regional forest protection project “Waldschutz im Harz”.

Step One

Analysis of packaging materials and comparison of environmental impact of currently used materials versus alternative, more sustainable materials.

Step Two

Additional reduction of carbon related emissions using ProDirect Digital Inkjet technology.

Step Three

Participating in a certified offsetting scheme to achieve a trend setting carbon neutral packaging solution.

From waste to Value

hero The Quadro Seal bag is based on recyclable polyolefin. The composite of BOPP and PE (with integrated barrier and peel) can be sorted by state-of-the-art sorting systems and recycled with the polyolefin fraction. The base material belongs to the Wipak product family BIAXOP, which has been synonymous for recyclable composite solutions for many years.

Due to its special sealing properties, the Quadro Seal bag has a high stability, it has no longitudinal seam which provides four smooth presentation surfaces which can be printed to a high quality and finished using various varnishes, as can be seen on the 'Tolle Rolle' cheese snack. The sides of the Tolle Rolle pack are printed with matt lacquer to create a semi-transparent, milky window.

Caring about our Planet – with ProDirect®

hero2 Within its brand promise, TRINITY haircare places a special emphasis on high quality and modern design, as well as minimising its impact upon the environment and nature. With this in mind, TRINITY was looking for an environmentally friendly packaging solution that perfectly conveyed the brand promise of its new hair care range, giving customers the opportunity to test the new product with small sample units. TRINITY settled on a ProDirect® printed design, selecting a specially developed paper-film composite with paper from responsibly managed forests.

By using the certified paper for the composite, a layer of the film has been replaced by material from sustainable sources of renewable raw materials, thus reducing the use of plastic. The natural feel of the paper and the emotions conveyed with it, make you curious and give confidence to test the new hair care range. These high quality products are available exclusively from hairdressing salons.

Green Packaging – Freche Freunde as a Perfect Companion!

Green Packaging – Freche Freunde as a Perfect Companion!The Berlin start-up erdbär has a mission: to bring pep into the world of healthy baby and kids food with their “Freche Freunde” brand. “The goal is to develop an early friendship with fruits and vegetables - this is easiest when it’s made fun!” says Jan Augenstein from erdbär. But not only a funny design carrying the message. All products are made to organic quality standards without redundant additives.

“It was clear for us that the packaging had to protect our product and fit in with our cheeky concept. We deliberately wanted to dispense with aluminium in our Quetschie pouches and use a more sustainable packaging solution”, says Jan Augenstein. They decided on Wipak’s new Aluminium-free concept for squeeze pouches - consisting of a combination of FSC®-certified paper and high barrier film. This film composition comprises more than 30% renewable resources and even saves 25% plastic compared to other solutions.

The bold designs are printed with water-based inks using Wipak's innovative ProDirect® digital printing technology. With the overall concept, erdbär underlines its responsibility for future generations and sustainably shapes the environment.