At a time when digitization is becoming increasingly important in retail, and statistics suggest that more than 90 percent of consumers now use their phones in the shopping process, Wipak, one of Europe’s most highly regarded flexible packaging suppliers is leading the way in intelligent digital packaging by offering Digimarc Barcode, an advanced barcode, imperceptible to consumers.

Introducing Digimarc Barcode®
Digimarc Barcode® is nearly imperceptible and can permeate the entire package, making it easy for consumers to scan a large portion of the package to access product information. It is also easily read by retail barcode scanners. Products with Digimarc Barcode® also increase manufacturing efficiencies and reduce waste in the supply chain.

Easy Checkout
Packaging with Digimarc Barcode® makes detection with retail handheld and fixed scanners easier. Cashiers don’t need to search for a UPC barcode, which speeds the checkout process, reduces repetitive motion injuries and frees cashiers to talk more with shoppers.

More Product Information
Along with giving shoppers access to brand-generated content via their mobile devices, Digimarc Barcode® allows store associates to get up-to-date inventory information and communicate accurately and quickly to shoppers the availability of a particular product.

What Media Can I Enhance with Digimarc Barcode®?
A Digimarc Barcode® can be added to virtually anything. Along with product packaging and thermal labels, retailers can utilize Digimarc® technology in creative ways by adding it to associate badges, printed materials in the pharmacy, corrugated boxes for improved tracking through the supply chain, shopping carts with Digimarc Barcode® become a new consumer communication channel, the limits are only the limits of the imagination.

How is it done?
To integrate Digimarc Barcode® into a pack, Wipak is able to generate the required codes by ourselves. Following this, we will incorporate the codes into our gravure, flexo or award-winning ProDirect® digital inkjet technology to create the finished product.