N.E.X.T. is Wipak’s innovation centre where we collaborate with our clients to lay the foundations for their future successes and deliver our mission of enabling our customers to deliver their products in a safe and sustainable packaging solution.


At N.E.X.T. we believe that the future needs to be built and should not just be expected. We work with customers and partners in Innovation Workshops, Trainings and Seminars to conceptualize, develop and prototype the future of packaging. The N.E.X.T. concept allows our customers to stay ahead of the market in terms of designing the packaging of tomorrow while building specific targets such as sustainability into their innovation process. By understanding the requirements and drivers of our customer, Wipak’s packaging experts work with clients in a collaborative and constructive environment to create your N.E.X.T. big thing.


The N.E.X.T innovation centres are designed to inspire creativity and lateral thinking. By taking clients out of the corporate environment to collaborate with our experts and selected partners we challenge the norms and break down existing preconceptions. With an onsite creation suite we provide physical mock-ups and dummy samples to fast track the innovation process and deliver immediate results.

Innovation Process

The N.E.X.T. innovation process follows a tried and tested creative formula to uncover the wishes and desires of our clients to provide them with genuine innovations.



Prior to visiting a N.E.X.T. centre our experts and your personal Wipak account manager will work with you to obtain a clearer understanding of your aims and objectives. By understanding your brand and your objectives a detailed brief is developed, capturing the essence of what the next big thing in packaging is for you.



N.E.X.T. concept based workshops are held in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere which leaves plenty of room for creativity. Our experts work with our clients following a predefined process to define needs, sketch up and develop ideas before developing 3D renders and real-time mock-ups which can then be tested and refined to ensure a successful implementation and launch.

Let’s get started

N.E.X.T. training sessions provide customers with insights into key considerations when developing new packaging concepts. Delivered through a variety of channels our trainings cover a number of topics to provide clients with the ammunition they need to innovate at an N.E.X.T Workshop. Modules covered include:

  • Raw Materials
  • Production Technologies
  • Packaging Functionality and Requirements
  • Sustainability
  • Market & Product Trends
  • Practical example

Success Stories

German Meat processing company Mar-ko wanted to increase the eco-friendliness of its packaging for salami sticks which were originally packaged using metalized packs. Mark-Ko worked with Wipak at our innovation center to develop a new concept in high barrier packaging. By substituting the metalized plastic package for a paper laminate and using ProDirect Digital Inkjet technology a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas potential and a one third decrease in energy consumption during the manufacturing process were achieved. Wanting to go further, Mar-Ko offset the remaining 50% of the carbon emissions attributable to the original plastic packaging by participating in a certified regional forest protection project “Waldschutz im Harz”.

Step One

Analysis of packaging materials and comparison of environmental impact of currently used materials versus alternative, more sustainable materials.

Step Two

Additional reduction of carbon related emissions using ProDirect Digital Inkjet technology.

Step Three

Participating in a certified offsetting scheme to achieve a trend setting carbon neutral packaging solution.


The Digimarc® Barcode is an invisible barcode that can be embedded into the printed design of packaging. It enables users within the value chain to quickly scan large portions of the package and access product information via a smartphone or tablet.


By integrating Digimarc® Barcodes into printed films, Wipak is able to decrease wastage throughout the supply chain, preventing costly errors such as using the wrong film or the incorrect labelling of pallets


Within the store, Digimarc® can be used to help maintain accurate inventory levels and information relating to product expiration dates, enabling retailers to promote and relabel products to minimize food waste.


Using smart handheld devices consumers are able to interact with the brand gaining more information about the product composition, ingredients used, and nutritional information and recommended serving suggestions, etc. Information relating to the responsible disposal/recycling of the product can be added helping to ensure that recyclable materials are retained within the circular economy.


Sorting different materials into its appropriate waste stream is both time-consuming and costly if implemented at processing plants, recyclers could digitally read the information to increase their efficiencies and retain more materials within the circular economy.


To integrate Digimarc® Barcode into your packs, Wipak generates the required codes and embeds them into the packaging as part of the print process. Digimarc® Barcodes can be printed using either gravure, flexo or Wipak’s award-winning ProDirect® digital inkjet technology.