Products For Sterile Supply Departments

Central sterile supply departments – CSSDs – reprocess multi-use instruments, devices, and supplies within clinical institutions. Many standards and best practices provide guidance in the correct choice of packaging materials and their processing.

Steriking – Preformed Pouches and Reels

Peel pouches and rolls provide for an easy and fast packing process for individual instruments, smaller sets, and other items while still offering reliable sterile barrier properties. These products are made from various materials suitable for steam, EO, FO, or plasma sterilization. The wide assortment offers many shapes, types, and grades, in dozens of sizes.

Steriking - Sealing Machines

Peel pouches and rolls demand a tight, hermetic final closing at the filling end. Our sealers have been developed to facilitate speed and reliability of heat sealing processes.

Steriking - Nonwoven & Paper Wraps

Our sterile wraps offer optimal softness and drapability for greater packing convenience. A wide range of materials and sheet sizes has been developed for packing small, medium-sized, and large trays and gown sets and for containers’ inner wrappings. The materials are suitable for steam, EO, FO, and gas plasma sterilization.

Steriking - Chemical Indicators & Tapes

Our selection of monitoring products contributes to reliable control of sterilization procedures, which indisputably improves patient safety.

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