Products for Drape and Gown Packaging

Wipak has developed unique materials and packaging solutions for the special requirements of packing drapes and gowns. For added benefits, we put our award-winning expertise in printing matters at your disposal.

A Film-Film Package

Choosing a film–film package gives you guaranteed fiber-free peeling and improves package strength and durability. Film–film combinations may be chosen if the products are sterilized by irradiation.

  • With a good background for printing graphics, our non-forming white Ecotop films, which feature a smooth, pleasing surface that makes the package design appealing and the print appear cleaner and sharper
  • Transparent non-forming ESE films
  • Flexible forming films such as OS, PAE, ML P, and ML E
  • Soft, semi-rigid NICE films

Breathable Top Webs

  • DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • Lacquered papers
  • Uncoated gas paper for a combination pack design with film components

Ready-Made Pouches

  • A wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes