Wipak offers a new PVC-free overwrap series with a more durable barrier layer than traditional packages provide.

Wipak works as a partner in the EU’s LIFE+ program for the project PVCFreeBloodBag. Project trials are ongoing, and the preliminary results are promising.

  1. PP 2070: High suitability for lower-barrier products such as saline and glucose solutions
  2. A combination of PPAP 150 XX Peel for bottom and ESPA 100XX for top: Very durable materials, which have all the features normally requested by customers for this range – a high barrier, good durability, less brittleness, good optical features, clean peeling, etc.

Wipak’s Product Range for IV-Fluid Packaging Films

  • ESP 105
  • ESP 100 XX
  • PPAP 150 XX Peel
  • PPP 150 Peel
  • PPAP and PPP (for normal barriers, as with glucoses)
  • OPP 2070 and OPP 20100