Products for IV Overwraps

The primary and secondary packaging both serve their unique purposes in the final pack. Wipak’s secondary packaging efficiently meets sterilization, transportation, storage, and handling requirements.

IV fluid bags have an overwrap to protect the ports from dust and contamination during their transportation, storage, and handling. This secondary packaging may have high barrier properties to protect the fluid from oxygen and other gases. Secondary wrapping also contributes to protection of the IV-fluid content, to keep its concentration stable and prevent, for example, the water evaporating from the package.

Fluids Overwap Packaging that Improves Patient Safety

Wipak offers a PVC-free overwrap series with a more durable barrier layer than traditional packages provide.

Wipak materials form and seal well, and they provide clarity and great durability. We offer non-PVC products and materials for pouch manufacture, along with thermoforming films for FFS lines.

Wipak’s Product Range for IV Overwrap Packaging Films

  • PPP - tearable overwrap for normal barrier as with glucoses
  • ESP 105 - laminated top web
  • PPP Peel - bottom web, standard barrier for peelable overwrap
  • PPAP - for normal barriers, as with glucoses
  • OPP - high suitability for lower-barrier products such as saline and glucose solutions, tearable overwrap
  • Other solutions may be available on request