Syringe and needle producers can gain higher manufacturing output and added efficiency from their packaging machines with Wipak products and materials.

Our packaging systems provide for reduced material costs, thanks to both the film thickness downgauging possibilities and our direct-seal papers that replace more expensive coated papers as the top web.

  • ML P forming film and HS paper, for a maximum-efficiency packaging process, brings you savings with shorter forming and sealing times
  • Wipak's OctaSafe film is the most cost-efficient PA film for syringe and needle packaging, with an excellent price-to-quality ratio
  • TF Peel films sealed with uncoated DuPont™ Tyvek® allow replacing coated Tyvek® with a more cost-effective alternative

All this adds up to an optimal pack design that doesn’t compromise on our top priority: patient safety.

Wipak’s Packaging Solutions for Syringe and Needle Packaging

  • For two- and three-piece syringes and needles, the flexible forming films OctaSafe (available also colored), MW, PE, ML P, and ML E and medical papers
  • For safety syringes and combination products, NICE and Multipet films, non-forming top webs ESE and ECOTOP, coated reinforced papers, and DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • For pre-filled syringes, PPAP, PPP, PPAP TF Peel films, medical papers, and DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • A wide variety of ready-made pouches, also available in a host of materials, shapes, types, and sizes