Urinary and Drainage Packaging

Wipak’s soft and comfortable Ecoking film is a key component in the manufacture of PVC-free urine and drainage bags.


Urine bags can be sterile or non-sterile. They are equipped with a connector that ensures secure attachment to the urinary catheter. A drainage valve prevents backflow of urine and risk of an ascending infection, and it guarantees convenient emptying of the urine bag.

High Patient Comfort and Safety

Urine bags are manufactured from a semi-transparent material, for improved monitoring. A scale on the bag allows ready assessment of urine volume. Some haziness is preferable to hide the urine from sight.

The materials should be comfortable to use in skin contact and not produce noise: using a urine bag should remain private.

Wipak’s Ecoking is an excellent material for use in urine drainage bags.  It is a soft non-PVC film that is comfortable, hazy, and ready for printing with your design of your choice. Ecoking is available also in white.

Greater Efficiency and Performance in Manufacture of Urine Bags

Wipak’s Ecoking films are delivered in various thicknesses, and they improve your productivity

  • Increased output
  • Higher packaging machine efficiency
  • Lower package material costs, thanks to the downgauging features of our films

Reasons for needing a urine bag and catheter include urinary incontinence (leakage), urine retention (not being able to urinate), surgery that necessitates a catheter, and other health problems.

There are two kinds of urine bag: a leg bag, for daytime use, and a night bag, which is usually larger and used in bed. Urine is drained via an indwelling catheter that is inside the patient’s bladder. Pediatric urine bags are used for collecting urine from infants.