Wipak has developed sophisticated and reliably performing products for packing wound care products. Our packaging is validated as effective for each purpose of use.

For traditional wound care, we recommend packages made of...

  • Paper and film combinations featuring steam- or EtO-gas-sterilizable papers, non-forming ESE films, or thermoformable films such as ML E or ML P
  • Paper–paper combinations featuring coated or grid-coated papers
  • Film–film combinations of lacquered PET/PE layers

Since functional wound care products require an improved barrier, our recommendation would entail one of these options:

  • An aluminum component, as found in the products in our AluMed roll stock Ready-made AluMed pouches

For the new-generation wound care products, our choice of recommendation considers improved user-friendliness and, therefore...

  • Rigid bottom webs as found in the Wipak MP and Wipak NICE product families that work well with top webs of printed ESE peel films

We highly recommend value-adding features such as these:

  • Antimicrobial treatment to keep bacteria from growing on the packaging surface
  • An interactive concept for your packaging, to promote more visually oriented user instructions, for example