What is the Sterile Barrier Association?

The Sterile Barrier Association (SBA) is a European trade association for companies which produce Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS), as well as associated equipment and accessories for the healthcare industry.

Wipak was one of the founding members of the SBA in 1992. It is a non-profit making organization, which aims to maintain, promote and seek to improve the product quality and quality standards relating to the manufacture and supply of single use sterilization barrier systems in the healthcare industry. In addition, the SBA provides a forum within which manufacturers of these products and services can discuss issues relevant to the industry. Further, the SBA aims to consider all legislative measures that may affect the industry, establish and maintain links with European and non-European legislative and regulatory bodies, as well as promote and influence the harmonization of standards, practices and procedures within the industry in Europe.

Members of the SBA come together twice a year to discuss important issues within the industry, including the status of new standards and practices. The next conference will be held in Barcelona in April 2018. The Wipak team are active members of the SBA and will be taking part in the next conference. 

Meet Our SBA Members

  Jaana Kilpinen 

  Mira Santala