Renewable Material

Sustainable Solutions

Using alternative, renewable materials is a wide-ranging topic with lots of aspects to consider, but for consumers, it is often an emotional topic.
In order to sustainably expand our raw material base, we constantly strive to introduce alternatives to crude oil-based materials. In the development of our innovative film solutions, we focus on renewable resources that do not compete with food applications.

The key question is always ‘which material combinations and packaging concepts can be used to provide the best protection for food products?’

Using paper as an alternative printing substrate, we only purchase FSC®-certified paper and all our paper fibers come from responsibly managed forests. It consists of 100% virgin fibres and is therefore free from mineral oils. The Wipak plants in Germany (Walsrode), Poland (Brzeg) (FSC® licence code C130525), Spain (Iberica) (FSC® licence code C155437), and Finland (Nastola) (FSC®-licence code C144944) have been FSC® COC-certified, allowing for a closed and certified supply chain.

1) PAPER TOP® and PAPER BTM® - well approved and high flexibility in printing

Well approved and with more than 75% renewable content, the packaging solutions with PAPER TOP® PD BE 90 XX PEEL lidding film and PAPER BTM® Q 330 XX bottom film consume 77% less plastic.
Depending on the country, the solution can be either recycled via the paper bin or the yellow bin. Target is the recycling of the fibers.
Compared to common thermoform solutions for sliced products, e.g. BOPET/PE lidding 65 µm and APET/PE bottom 350 µm, the solutions, with FSC®-certified paper from responsibly managed forests, have a 55% CO2 footprint reduction.

In our PAPER BTM® range, we have different solutions available with up to 90% paper share and a solution which enables consumers to separation film and paper before disposal.

Get in contact with our experts to discuss our solutions and recycling possibilities.


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2) Spouted pouch solution with 10% less plastic

PAPER TOP® PD BE XX 125 WHITE is a product that contains 10% less plastic and 30% renewable materials, which does not compromise protective qualities, despite there being no metallic aluminum layer. Using a bio-based PE, up to 60% renewable content is possible.

Printed on our unique ProDirect® digital inkjet printing line, only water-based inks are used, with no print cylinders needed. Using this technology, even small jobs can be produced with almost no waste and a CO2 footprint reduction up to 40% is possible.


3) Flow pack solution with 60% paper share

One of our latest PAPER TOP® products is PAPER TOP® PD QR 90 XX, with a share of 60% renewable materials and 42% less plastic used. FSC®-certified paper from responsibly managed forests is used and the FSC® label can be integrated in the print design.

Because of the high paper share the packaging is accepted for disposal in the paper bin in several countries (e.g. France, Italy, Sweden, UK).

As one of the ProDirect® paper composite solutions, it is available as a carbon neutral packaging material on request.


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