Procedural Kit Packaging

Safety and cost-efficiency in healthcare are steadily growing trends. Single-use instruments and ready-made procedural kits improve the efficiency and safety of surgical operations and other procedures. Reliable kit packaging is validated as fit for its purpose of use and as improving patient safety.

Wipak’s Window Bag, for ease of use

  • They feature a large window for readily knowing the contents
  • The design facilitates proper aseptic opening

Higher Efficiency and Greater Patient Safety

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are outsourcing more and more of their procedures for handling sterile products. Industrially manufactured and sterilized OR sets yield cost savings and improve patient safety.

Procedural kits are common in operating rooms (ORs) nowadays. A set may contain up to 300 individual components, including gauzes, gowns, sponges, tubing, a basin, etc. Each kit is customized for a certain surgical procedure, even a specific hospital or surgeon.

In surgical operations, every fraction of a second lost counts as wasted time and can add to human suffering. A well-designed procedural-kit package makes it easy for the staff to pick up and use the right set of items.

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