Success Story: Pipette Tips

One of the world’s leading providers of laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment. Sartorius chose a combination of Wipak’s Multipet Peel and Multipet for its FlexiBulk pipette tips. These tips are used with the Sartorius dosing devices. 


This new type of packaging has yielded plenty of benefits:

  •  It saves space: Wipak’s solution lets Sartorius pack pipettes in 40% less space than occupied by conventional bulk tip cartons, where tips are packed in random order. The space savings are especially valuable when air freight is involved and in labs where space is at a premium.
  •  It saves time: The new Wipak packaging also makes tip picking faster and more efficient. 
  •  It cuts down on waste: This packaging reduces the amount of waste by 50% from that of minigrip+carton.

It minimizes the risk of contamination: Wipak’s MP TPF lid provides an airtight seal during transport and storage, for secure purity. The lid is easy to close between uses, to protect the tips from dust.