Whether you’re looking for glossy or matte spot painting, metallized or non-metallized films, paper or paper-like surfaces, or high-precision duplex printing, we have the knowledge and the experience to deliver strikingly sophisticated designs that meet your exact requirements.

Digital Proofs on Production Film
We place great emphasis on providing digital proofs quickly and efficiently, giving you a highly accurate first impression of what the print image will look like. What’s more, we print on the actual film(s) that will later be used in production, helping us identify and overcome any issues as soon as possible.

Printing Plates
At Wipak, we manufacture cylinders for gravure printing and printing plates for flexo-print use. We also store cylinders and plates, enabling us to reproduce customer designs quickly and efficiently.

Film Printing
Whether you’re looking for gravure printing, flexo-print or a combination of the two, we cover the entire technical range, using our state‑of‑the-art facilities to produce premium-quality and award-winning print images. And, thanks to reduced set-up times, even small batches can be produced quickly and efficiently.

Wipak Special Effects Include:

  • Demetallized Films
  • Supersilver
  • Silver Backing
  • Iriodin Coating (mother-of-pearl effect)
  • Matte Effects