Our expert Technicians and Engineers have an in-depth knowledge of machine technology and processing, production environments and film development, and are on hand to help as and when you need them.

Technical Services Include:

  • Application support
  • Analysis and optimization of packaging processes
  • Production of sample packages and prototypes
  • Simulation of packaging processes at the Wipak Solution Center
  • Technical support before, during and after the first application of our films with your systems
  • Technical support for the introduction of new or modified films
  • Analysis and rectification of any problems
  • Adaptation of machine tools (if required)

With a well-honed, process-based approach and solid working relationships with a wide range of machine manufacturers, we can systematically improve processing conditions and identify the perfect match between processing systems and films.

We Aim to Deliver…

  • Higher performance and utilization of machines
  • Smooth processing with your systems
  • Higher efficiency rates
  • Lower reject rates
  • Short downtimes, thanks to quick and flexible on-site servicing