Sustainability in the Wipak Group

For us, sustainability means using innovative packaging in order to provide ideal protection for food products and for medical devices and pharmaceutical products, thereby preserving precious resources.

People, Environment, and Economy

Our pillars for sustainable thinking and acting:


Our employees play an important part in the Wipak Group’s success. Wipak’s worker-incentive programs have long included agreements on personal targets and suggestion programs as integral elements – alongside occupational safety, healthcare, and continuous training for all specialists, managers, and other personnel. Furthermore, Wipak sees involvement in social issues as vital. For example, the Wihuri Foundation supports artists and scientists.


Wipak’s environment-related activities are designed not only to fulfil EU specifications and standards but also to ensure that the products are packaged in an ideal manner. The Wipak Group primarily develops packaging films that allow for the use of recyclable polymers and a combination of desired properties while also meeting strict regulatory, ecological and economic requirements.


Productivity is a key issue for the production of our films and products. To reach the goal, we constantly develop and optimize our state‑of-the-art technologies and efficient processes. We bring substantial reductions in the amount of waste, use of raw materials, and energy consumption along the entire value chain through top-notch protection and conservation of the package contents, lower film weights, and highly flexible product development.


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