Food Packaging Options

Climate Neutral Packaging

Climate neutral packaging concepts can be offered to customers by using Wipak’s industrial scale ProDirect® digital inkjet technology. Therefore a carbon footprint calculator was developed together with ClimatePartner, which as well is the partner taking care of carbon offsetting by supporting recognized carbon offset projects. Clients can offset the emissions of their orders and get a climate neutral packaging by supporting a recognized carbon offset project from ClimatePartner’s portfolio. Read the full story in our Sustainable Packaging brochure.

Greater Recyclability: Innovative Lidding Films for Mono‑Trays

Mono-trays are made of just one material and therefore offer better recyclability. For this purpose, Wipak has developed highly functional lidding films such as a polyamide-based composite solution with PP sealing layer for PP trays. Tight and rugged seams protect fresh meat or poultry against contamination and the tray against load. Yet the package can be opened with ease.
S-Peel is clearly thinner than comparable films on the market. Its special structure enables sustainable and efficient use of raw materials.

State-of-the-Art Coextrusion: Up to 30% Less Material Use

Ten layers offer high stability and product protection. Outstanding transparency in comparison to cast films is achieved through a technology based on water cooling. In addition, efficient and eco-friendly use of the films’ raw materials is possible with our state-of-the-art coextrusion technology: depending on the application, the film thickness can be reduced by as much as 30%.

Reclosing: Product Protection Beyond the First Opening

Wipak lidding films have been optimized for reclosing on mono-polyester. They provide a perfect seal with pure APET trays while there is no loss in reclosing performance. This ensures product protection even after initial opening. The use of mono-material in the bottom web offers the advantage of better recyclability. And the need for material can be reduced even further, since no separate sealing layer is used.

Paper in the Lid – and Reclosable Bottom Web

The paper/film composite can be equipped with peeling or reclosing functions. For a cheese package, Wipak has developed an easy opening and reclosable packaging solution which has been precisely adjusted to the cheese and printed in high quality. Compared to the previously used package (APET laminate, 650 μ), the amount of plastics has been reduced by 60% and the weightby about 45%. Renewable raw materials amount for about 35%.

Plastic Laminates to Replace an Aluminum Barrier

For a Norwegian fish producer, Wipak has developed an innovative packaging solution to replace the previously used aluminum package. It consists of a semi-rigid tray and a peelable lidding film. Ideal product protection is guaranteed by means of barrier layers.

Separation of Materials: Fuller Recycling Thanks to Optimal Film Properties

For a portion pack in the ready-meal market, Wipak has developed a film that can be sealed against paper/cardboard. The core benefit is snack-box materials that can easily be separated for recycling purposes.