Medical Packaging Examples

Multilayer Films for Safe and Sustainable Material Downgauging

A European manufacturer of medical devices reduced its packaging film thickness by 50% within the last five years, starting with 120-micron film and downgauging first to 80 and then to the current 60-micron PA/PE film. This safe and sustainable migration was enabled by Wipak multilayer films in which each layer has its own specific purpose. The solution provides more advanced properties than simpler structures can give.

Energy Savings, Cost Reduction, and Better Waste Management

NICE is an adhesive-free semi-rigid film that presents the product perfectly. The customer can gain both a 10–30% thickness reduction and better functionality. The flexible soft‑touch packages are easily processed by all packaging machines, representing an opportunity for energy savings through lower process temperatures. For the device manufacturer, this new type of film creates potential to lower costs, and hospitals get improved waste-handling: the package volume is easier to reduce via twisting, and this film is a PE/PA/PE product, not PVC.