Top-Quality Mixtures of Raw Materials

To meet strict ecological and economic demands, Wipak develops packaging films made from various combinations of raw materials, including mixtures. These films offer excellent recycling potential, in both raw material and energy aspects.

For sustainable extension of our raw-material base and also to increase the percentage of recyclates used, we constantly strive to introduce alternatives to crude-oil-based materials. In development of our innovative film solutions, we focus on renewable resources that do not compete with food applications.

Optimal Protection as Top Priority

The key question is always which material combinations and packaging concepts can be used to give food products ideal protection. The same is true for medical technology and pharmaceutical products: in the selection of package, patient safety must always be given top priority. That is why we use material from recycling only if we know the resource well and are able to trace the manufacturing processes.

Renewable Resources

Example paper/plastic composite solutions: Wipak develops packages that can readily accommodate renewable resources. Paper is an important raw material that can be used both in the lidding film and in the tray film. It can account for more than 50% of the packaging solution. Advanced laser technology can be used to add windows to paper lidding films. The underlying functional layer, with optional barrier, keeps the product protected perfectly.